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This stack is a collection of one of my favorite genres. Yanderes. I have a pretty extensive collection of yandere Mangas vĩ đại read and hope I found some new ones for you vĩ đại read. Not all of these were for bầm but maybe you lượt thích them.

Mirai Nikki

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Manga, 12 vol, 2006 Me:- Author:7

The yandere we all know and love Yuno Gasai. Death trò chơi where our main character is forced vĩ đại seek help in order vĩ đại survive. And the person he finds helping him is the class beauty Yuno Gasai who seems vĩ đại know his every move.

Shounen no Abyss

Manga, ? vol, 2020 Me:- Author:10

Our main character lives a life of disdain and has no real future ahead of him. A girl who he recognizes vĩ đại be an idol offers him a choice of what vĩ đại kết thúc his life. The yandere comes in after a couple chapters.

Abnormal-kei Joshi

Manga, 3 vol, 2012 Me:- Author:9

A different kind of manga which is hard vĩ đại describe. The main character hates woman as he only ever seems vĩ đại find himself surrounded by weird girls. One of them is a yandere.

Gyakusatsu Happy End

Manga, 8 vol, 2017 Me:- Author:8

To save his sister from death the main character has vĩ đại kill a person each day or the time will repeat putting him at the start again. He gets help from a girl who seems vĩ đại lượt thích him a little too much ignoring what he wants.

Koi vĩ đại Shinzou

Manga, 10 vol, 2017 Me:- Author:7

A female returns trang chính after a breakup vĩ đại find that she has a new roommate. And Hes a man? She starts of as cautious around him but after a few weirdly well-timed accidents and him always being there vĩ đại rescue her she starts vĩ đại fall in love with him.

Shinigami-sama vĩ đại 4-nin no Kanojo

Manga, 3 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:4

A shinigami appears before our main character vĩ đại take is life as it is going nowhere. Not accepting this he makes a khuyến mãi with the shinigami that he will get a girlfriend. After sending out 4 letters vĩ đại different girls he never would have expected they would all accept him. No, he has vĩ đại try keep them a secret from each other vĩ đại keep them happy or he will lose his life.

Happy Sugar Life

Manga, 11 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:-

Our main character finds and harbors a little girl. They have a so-called happy life together where they help and tư vấn one another. Our main character would bởi anything in order vĩ đại protect their "Happy Sugar Life".

Machigatteita no wa Ore Datta n domain authority.

One-shot, ? vol, 2018 Me:- Author:8

After our main character killed his girlfriend how was vĩ đại clingy her ghost comes back vĩ đại be with him. After talking he starts vĩ đại think maybe he was overreacting, and she wasn't that bad.


Manga, 2 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:2

A lady dressed in white by the dumpster. Every night Shes there. Our main character goes vĩ đại talk with her which would be a big mistake.

Toumei Ningen no Tsukurikata

Manga, 1 vol, 2010 Me:- Author:4

Wishing he was invisible he actually becomes it. Realizing his mistake, he wishes vĩ đại go back but is confronted by a girl who claims vĩ đại be invisible vĩ đại. She tells him he can't ever go back vĩ đại being visible and should live his life with her.

Re:Birth: The Lunatic Taker

Manga, 7 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:3

Trapped in a game the main character and his sister have vĩ đại fight in order vĩ đại gain more days vĩ đại survive. His sister however is strangely skilled at fighting and never lets her little brother get hurt and wishes only vĩ đại keep him happy regardless of anyone else.

Koharu no Hibi

Manga, 4 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:4

Main character gets a girl friend who knows a little too much about him and is oddly close.

Namae no Nai Kaibutsu: Kumo vĩ đại Shoujo vĩ đại Ryouki Satsujin

Manga, 7 vol, 2018 Me:- Author:6

Our main character is welcomed trang chính by spider webs. Alot of spider webs. Every time he cleans them up, they appear again. What is causing these spider webs and why does he feal as if he is being watched by something?

Hachigatsu Kokonoka: Boku wa Kimi ni Kuwareru.

Manga, ? vol, 2020 Me:- Author:7

Our main character has a strange ability. He is attractive vĩ đại monsters. No matter where he is a monster is coming after him vĩ đại take his life except one? This one monster declares her love for him and will bởi anything vĩ đại protect him from the others.

Dead Tube

Manga, ? vol, 2014 Me:- Author:7

In a world where you upload videos of Haines acts and get a cash prize if yours is the most viewed or pay the price if you get the least views our main character is aided by a girl who wants vĩ đại be filmed by him and only him doing vile and evil acts.

Tsubasa-chan, Kimi wa: Matching shita Onna wa Satsujinki

Manga, ? vol, 2019 Me:- Author:7

Frustrated with the fact he doesn't talk vĩ đại girls he goes on an online dating phầm mềm where he meets tsubasa chan. Hes never seen her face but seems vĩ đại be in love with her. After getting bullied he tells tsubasa about it and says life with would be better with them dead. The next day he finds out that they all died. In a tìm kiếm vĩ đại find tsubasa all the girls around him all seem vĩ đại show signs of being her.

Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki

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Manga, 5 vol, 2020 Me:- Author:5

I bởi not really remember but I know there is a yandere in it.

Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu

Manga, 19 vol, 2018 Me:- Author:10

Our main character is a ruthless bully. He only bully's one girl. It's sánh bad its almost vĩ đại the point of torture except for the fact is that he is forced vĩ đại bully her but herself. If he goes a single day without bullying her, she will brutally hurt him going as far as pulling teeth out and throwing him on a highway. How can he get out of this messed up relationship?

Ana Satsujin

Manga, 8 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:1

Frustrated with his life he bangs his wall vĩ đại find a peep hole in it leading through vĩ đại his Neighbours place. He now only finds joy in looking through this whole when one day he sees her bring a man trang chính. They begin having sex when all of a sudden, she grabs a knife and starts killing him while on top of him with a smile. She notices a presence looking at her when the man hears a ring on his doorbell.


Manga, 5 vol, 2019 Me:- Author:1

If you had the power vĩ đại see how much someone liked, you how would you use it? Well, our main character uses it vĩ đại get himself multiple girlfriends but is then confronted by a girl whose number is sánh high he can't read it all. How much must she lượt thích him vĩ đại get a number sánh high?

Pumpkin Night

Manga, ? vol, 2016 Me:- Author:2

A girl whose face was deformed from bullying seeks her revenge. Our main character finds out and goes vĩ đại warn the others who took part. One by one they seem vĩ đại disappear except him who she doesn't seem vĩ đại target.

Nanai Sanami ga Kirattekurenai

One-shot, ? vol, 2015 Me:- Author:6

Cant remember but Im sure theres a yandere

Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa

Manga, 3 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:3

Main character finds himself in a death game and is confronted by a girl who seems vĩ đại have answers vĩ đại his situation.

Yandere Kanojo ni Nemurasete Moraenai Hanashi

Manga, 1 vol, 2021 Me:- Author:3

Can't Rember it but I know there's a yandere


Manga, 5 vol, 2009 Me:- Author:1

Our main character whose obsessed with his little sister forces himself away from her. One day he gets a Hotline from her claiming she is coming vĩ đại vist him. Does she maybe have a brother complex?

Kimi ni Aisarete Itakatta

Manga, ? vol, 2017 Me:- Author:6

A girl who just wishes someone would want her vĩ đại find herself prostituting herself sánh she can feel wanted by the men who hire her. At a karaoke bar with her "friends" she feels excluded and leaves when she is followed by a boy who promises vĩ đại be their for her. After a few incidents she finds herself obsessed with him.


Manga, 3 vol, 2013 Me:- Author:8

When a plague of insects goes over the town and people seeming vĩ đại die at random. A new girl transfers vĩ đại the main characters school. She seems vĩ đại lượt thích the main character and follows him around town.

Ijousha no Ai

Manga, 6 vol, 2017 Me:- Author:7

One compliment. Just one and she finds herself obsessed with the mc and believes they are destined vĩ đại be together, but she finds out he likes someone else!

Itokoi Chidori

Manga, 2 vol, 2010 Me:- Author:5

I can't really remember but there is a yandere.

Black Kanojo

Manga, 4 vol, 2015 Me:- Author:4

Two girls who look the same both seem vĩ đại lượt thích the main character. One who is earnest and xinh tươi and the other who is going around killing others.

Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizon Shoukougun

Manga, ? vol, 2019 Me:- Author:3

An aspiring idol walked into the cửa hàng where the mc works. Seeing his chance, he abducts her and keeps her locked up in his trang chính where he performs indescribable acts vĩ đại her for his pleasure. How will she escape or will she try and persuade him vĩ đại let her go.

Aisareru yori ○-saretai

Manga, 2 vol, 2017 Me:- Author:2

Can't remember but there is a yandere.

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Murdist: Shikeishuu Kazami Tazuru

Manga, 3 vol, 2021 Me:- Author:7

A girl Hes never met and is the world's greatest serial killer declares she will only help the police if she gets vĩ đại talk vĩ đại him. Every visit however he seems vĩ đại change little by little due vĩ đại her influence over him.