boat là gì

At 1.30 p.m. the boats reached the ships.

Its models include both fishing and cruising boats ranging from 2958 feet.

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The writer notes that it had no harbor, and can only be reached by small boats (ch. 3).

Tony hears them talking and walks lớn the man's boat and tells him lớn mind his own business.

Modern boats can sail as close as 30 degrees lớn the wind.

There is a huge financial implication lớn look after these boat people and there is our international responsibility, too.

It is obviously good politics lớn focus on boat people only.

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Canada's response lớn the so-called boat people showed what can be done.

Some boat people have expressed interest in getting boat races back here again.

We can rule out billions on boat people.

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It shows a group of five young men in a motor-boat on a vast lake.

It darts up and down lượt thích a motor-boat, sánh fast that you can not get a proper look at it until it stops for a rest.

Horse shows, xế hộp shows, motor-boat displays, concerts, and bazaars were held.