brother nghĩa là gì

Little is known about his life, despite the fame of some of his younger brothers.

He and his older brother built various objects, such as electronic devices.

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Built in 1911, this house was his brothers.

I loaned it vĩ đại my brother last week.

Until then, you will be missed our brother.

The brothers play in and around the village every day.

He had seven brothers and sisters and four half-sisters and one half-brother from his father's first marriage.

It was raised in memory of a two brothers, one of whom died in the west while the other one died in the east.

His family included two brothers, a sister, a half-brother, and a half-sister.

Nearly all her books were published anonymously, through the agency of her half-brother, and the scholarship they displayed prompted speculation as vĩ đại their author.

He is assumed vĩ đại have studied drawing and painting with his half-brother.

Both of her parents remarried, giving kerman one half-brother and two half-sisters.

And he went even further "il a mme forc la note" in giving seventh place vĩ đại his half-brother!

She has an older half-brother named, who works as a doctor.

He had criticized his younger half brother after he came into power.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, the girl said she knew now what her half brother did vĩ đại her was wrong.

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My half brother has a fascination with, among other things, antique cars.

Rap then appealed vĩ đại people for compassion and kindness for his half brother.

But not even the half brother vĩ đại one of the best pacer's is the world could match the top lot of $150,000.