fridge là gì

His conclusion obviously would be that it is best to tướng invest in the fridge.

Now, suppose he can buy room in a fridge overnight for the price of one piece of cake.

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For example, sideboards should be placed close together, whereas a fridge and a cooker should be far away from each other.

Furthermore, energy-often gained from fossil fuels-is needed for the consumption of services from household appliances such as fridges, stoves, washing machines, lawnmowers, and many more.

To help maintain the sample, we provided parents with fridge magnets giving our tương tác details, circulated regular newsletters to tướng parents and mailed out birthday cards to tướng the children.

The 'smart fridge' has already been described in ví many newspapers.

Westinghouse offered a range of fridges as broad as a sample thẻ for paint, explicitly appealing to tướng image rather than vãn function.

Some 24 million xế hộp tyres and 94 million fridges were dumped.

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The new rules that require the removal of chlorofluorocarbons from fridges are entirely consistent with the general drive to tướng increase recycling rates.

Most local authorities have already let contracts with fridge treatment companies ví their backlog will have been removed.

We were told exactly how much energy we would waste every time we opened the fridge door.

Customs statistics vì thế not separately identify the value of second hand fridges exported.

In general terms, although it may be inconvenient to tướng the housewife who has no fridge, that change is something which will come and should come.

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You don't pay extra for a fridge to tướng come from the factory to tướng the cửa hàng.

It may look sensible and prudent to tướng buy a new fridge, even though the old one is working well, simply because the money is available.

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