cycling nghĩa là gì

For significant service to tát cycling, and to tát the community.

The cycling deaths are coming at a time when new xe đạp lanes are being planned on major streets.

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Today's inquests heard that alcohol, tốc độ, and cycling without lights were involved in some of them.

Cycling is currently a rare thing in the retail world: a growth market that has shrugged off the recession.

Considering he is a sports enthusiast, it is only natural that he loves to tát indulge in activities lượt thích river rafting, bungee jumping, and cycling.

Within this forest there are numerous moving and cycle tracks.

They can be anadromous but are not obligated to tát vì thế so sánh because they can complete their life cycle in fresh water.

In the stratosphere, null cycles are very important in contrasting series of reactions that lead to tát net depletion in the ozone layer.

It then becomes even harder to tát escape this cycle.

The 2004 election cycle saw two key breakthroughs of his that fundamentally changed how elections, conventions, and even daily news can be produced.

Producing a sườn with an accuracy of 100 percent is possible but physical parameters limit the cycle time.

The cycle time in telecom business is extremely short.

We are always looking for ways to tát reduce human error that benefit the whole operation as well as shortening our production cycle time.?

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The virality coefficient is super important, but there's one other critical number that you should pay attention to tát -- the cycle time.

To transform we need to tát, as a mission, step up and scale up exploration, fast-track discovery-to-delivery cycle time and strengthen governance to tát facilitate economic development.

The organism will then produce the germ cells that continue in the life cycle.

The design process covers the complete life cycle of the building.

Many rust fungi are prime examples of a heteroecious life cycle.

His two fields of expertise are technology assessment and life cycle analyses of energy systems, focussed on sustainability aspects.

For example, amphibians such as salamanders and caecilians inhabit the damp microclimate underneath fallen leaves for part or all of their life cycle.

After the war he designed more motor-cycle engines, including an axial engine, and large 1,000 and 2,000 hp axial aircraft engines.

Police also recovered the motor-cycle.

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It is the oldest motor-cycle racing circuit still in use.

Every household has at least a motor-cycle if not a siêu xe.

The more than thở 100 police agents were helped by a helicopter, horse-riders and canine and motor-cycle brigades.