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Updated on Oct 10th, 2011, | 1 logs
Published Sep 14th, 2011,

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Level 8 : Apprentice Miner

This is a texture pack i made because there was somethings in minecraft i didn't lượt thích.

New Features (about this many):

  • Grass, leaves, etc. vì thế not change colors
  • cows are white
  • Lapis Lazuli looks lượt thích the other ores
  • Doors look cool
  • no grey dots in dirt
  • beds are a little bit different
  • torches look cooler
  • and more...

NOTE: this texture pack will occasionally be updated

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Additional Notes

1 Update Logs

v2 (10/10/11):

  • Side of grass matches better
  • Moss Stone has changed
  • Glass has a new border
  • Vines no longer change colors due lớn biomes
  • Stone Pick is updated
  • Placement of shovels have changed