vincom mega mall royal city

Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is a huge complex with thousands of shopping, entertaining, and dining options that can satisfy all your needs. It is a pity if you skip this mini-Western đô thị when visiting Hanoi.
Before paying a visit đồ sộ Royal City, read this comprehensive guide with Go Viet Trip first.

1. Overview of Royal City Shopping Center

Location: No.72A Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi
Opening hours: 09:00 - 22:00 every day
Phone number: 024 6664 9999
Vincom Mega Mall Royal City is a complex of shopping malls and entertainment places. It stretches over an area of 30,000 square meters with deluxe European architecture. 
With artistic white marble sculptures and massive apartments surrounding, the whole complex looks lượt thích a mini Western đô thị in Hanoi, hence the name ‘Royal City.

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Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

The main gate

2. What To Do at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

With the biểu ngữ ‘One destination - all needs - many options’, Royal City was designed đồ sộ satisfy all demands of visitors. Below are some of the highlights of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City that you can try.

2.1. Shopping

There are hundreds of shops in Royal City, both local and international brands. You can come across many common brands here, such as H&M, Adidas, Zara, Converse, etc.
In addition đồ sộ clothing, many cosmetics, shoes and jewelry shops are also located right in the mall sánh that you can drop in and buy anything you want. If you want đồ sộ buy groceries, there is even a small supermarket belonging đồ sộ Vingroup in the complex.


shopping Vincom Mega Mall Royal City

Shopping at Vincom Megamall Royal city

2.2. Entertainment

A must-visit place in Royal City is probably the Vinpearlland Water Park. It offers many fascinating rides, including whirlpools, slides, wave pools and more. The water park will surely promise you a great entertaining experience.
In addition, you can try ice-skating in the biggest indoor ice rink in Vietnam here. Join the game with Russian professional trainers who will guide you đồ sộ slide and have endless fun.


Vinpearlland Water Park royal city

Vinpearlland Water Park

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For a more romantic experience, visit the Platinum Cineplex. It consists of 10 cinemas that always play famous international and domestic films for the audience.

2.3. Dining

The dining section in Royal City houses tons of food courts, from Vietnamese cuisine đồ sộ specialties of Korea, nhật bản, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, and European countries.
There are many famous brands gathering in the complex, including Sumo BBQ, Thai Express, Carl’s Junior, Grand Brothers Buffet, đồ sộ name but a few.
Before leaving the dining section, tự not forget đồ sộ have a sip at famous coffee shops and milk tea brands in Royal City such as Highland Coffee, Pozaa tea, etc.

3. Tips for Visitors

  • Vincom Mega Mall can be crowded on weekends. If you are not fond of crowded places, it is more advisable đồ sộ visit Royal City on weekdays.

  • Make sure you remember the number of rows you park your vehicle. Otherwise, you would get lost in the huge underground parking area.

  • You may need đồ sộ pay some entrance fees đồ sộ visit Vincom Ice Rink. It costs VND 79,000 ($3.4) on weekdays and VND 119,000 ($5.1) on weekends.

Vincom Mega Mall Royal is one of the best places for entertainment and shopping in Hanoi. Hopefully, this guide helps you have an enjoyable experience in this grand shopping mall. Besides that, you can read more about the other famous shopping mall in Hanoi. 

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