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Drive higher E-commerce sales with TikTok ads

Whether you are selling fashion, food, electronics, real estate or any retail items - there's an audience for you on TikTok. Help shoppers discover and cửa hàng for your business by advertising through authentic, immersive and entertaining videos on TikTok.

Ecommerce Industry Hero

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Unique and exciting E-commerce opportunities are available with TikTok ads


of TikTok users visit shopping sites

TikTok creators love đồ sộ cửa hàng online and they are crazy for a deal


of purchases are influenced by TikTok videos.

TikTok is home page đồ sộ the latest shopping trends and has a massive influence on conversions

Sources: IRI, "Understand má, don't define me", US, May 2021

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Success Stories

Liquid I.V.

Liquid I.V. utilizes a full-funnel solution and leverages a mix of standard In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads đồ sộ reach TikTok users.

+48% ROAS

-40% CPC QoQ

+65% CVR QoQ

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Student Beans

The 2005 founded trang web today partners with over 1,000 of the world’s biggest brands across fashion, technology, retail and more.

9.7M Impressions

60% View-Through Rate (VTR)

£0.30 CPC

01 / 02

Launch an ad in minutes!

Choose your advertising goal

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Set a budget, targeting and bidding method

Upload your assets and CTA, launch a campaign