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In an ideal world, most people would prefer gourmet cuisine, but it is costly and difficult to tướng prepare.

Needs-meeting is the daily bread of moral practice, as it were, and it contrasts with the haute cuisine puzzles that dominate philosophical discussion.

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He was also a man of great culture with whom one could talk about anything - literature, music, cuisine.

Despite its attempts, the modernizing state never managed to tướng impose a national seafood cuisine.

Timmins has provided some very nourishing, piquantly spiced and cleverly garnished traditional fare, but something nearer to tướng nouvelle cuisine might have been even better.

So, alien cuisine would be a purpose for human intelligence, but not its purpose in the relevant sense.

Let us suppose that every aspect of our selves could be folded into the purpose of providing alien cuisine.

This idea is particularly interesting for archaeologists because little work has been done on the origins and development of cuisine and corresponding changes in social relations.

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Cuisine (1975) likewise felt that this concept of 'accepted child' could overcome some of the legal problems.

That spread of foreign restaurants reflected the growth of ethnic populations in the đô thị and the development of foreign cuisine as an outlet for those foreign populations.

We will prosper, our capital accumulation will prosper, our culture will prosper, our cuisine will prosper!

I still go there; the cuisine is excellent.

Then there is the "cordon-bleu cuisine ".

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This kind of aid is important in social and economic terms and guarantees consumers the uniqueness of a local cuisine based on fresh fish.

In the difficult business of cuisine where tự they stand?

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