gift là gì

The museum and its gift cửa hàng are open daily during the summer, and is available for tours at other times of the year by appointment.

The gift cửa hàng at the base of the tower is a later addition.

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The lobby contains two galleries that rotate temporary exhibitions, as well as the gift cửa hàng.

By 2002 a lab building, compound wall, gift cửa hàng, doctors and nurses quarter and internal road has been completed.

There is a gift cửa hàng on site as well.

He is also a gifted tactician and strategist.

It plays host to tướng gifted artists from around the world who live and work for a limited time in apartment/workshops.

It is said that on a particular occasion he was gifted a sacred thread to tướng put around his neck.

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But he was, he says, never a naturally gifted swimmer.

Most educational professionals accept that no single measure can be used in isolation to tướng accurately identify every gifted child.

Register your child on the day with an early childhood service/kohanga reo and receive a gift backpack.

Sometimes as a writer you receive a gift, a story that's out there and just wants you to tướng write it down.

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In many cases these kids have never received a gift in their entire life.

All participants will receive a gift for submitting photos.

Presented with a choice of 12 charities across four regions, recipients can vote for one charity that they would lượt thích to tướng receive a gift.