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In his visits to tát and walks around allotments, public housing projects and wasteland, he took photographs, drew maps and interviewed inhabitants or users of space.

Today their inhabitants produce fish products for a world market with the aid of hightechnology fishing vessels and fish plants.

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The fragmentation of villages and the formation of new villages by inhabitants of existing ones can be seen as another dimension of the same phenomenon.

The poverty, disease, and crime in the new urban slums were seen as resulting from the genetic inferiority of the inhabitants.

Nevertheless, the figures show that such pottery was not concentrated in specific areas, but widespread among the inhabitants.

Nucleated settlement would have placed the inhabitants of a farm in close daily proximity.

The timing and planning of the construction may thus have been something that was decided by a more extended group of people phàn nàn the inhabitants.

At the outset of the eighteenth century it had some 800 inhabitants, and around 1860 approximately 1,300, who lived in sixteen mostly very small villages.

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This is not only enacted upon prior inhabitants of a land, but also in acts designed to tát reinforce the existence of distinct sovereign territories.

Each additional representative a region had per million inhabitants earned it on average an extra 72,000 roubles per capita in net transfers.

It is therefore unsurprising that the music press largely ignores teenybopper fans and the artists they admire, as the most obvious inhabitants of this mainstream.

One of the advantages of raising troops through the companies was that their corporate resources might ensure that the poorer inhabitants were less burdened.

The entire country lost around one million inhabitants alone between 1850 and 1870.

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The inhabitants of this area are unfamiliar with most of the technology we take for granted.

Only a tiny fraction of the mass of a planet can be useful to tát its inhabitants.

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