massage fyou

Massage FYou


Name Massage FYou
Type Massage Spa
Country Vietnam
City Ho Chi Minh City
Zip Code 700000
District District 1
Address 81 Đ. Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão
Hours 24H
Hotness Hot
Nationality Vietnam
Language Vietnamese, English
Minimum spend 1000K - 4000K VND
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Massage FYou is a Massage Spa in Ho Chi Minh City.


Born and named after a very memorable place 81 Cach Mang Thang Tam, this place is no stranger to tướng locals when it comes to tướng Rang Dong Hotel. FYou Massage is located inside the khách sạn premises. With many services such as dining, hair cutting, health care that you can enjoy. When coming to tướng FYou Massage, you will be able to tướng step into a completely private space, separated from the noise, but instead a gentleness that creates a more relaxing feeling with the deepest moments.

Please ask the staff if you'd lượt thích to tướng choose your particular masseuse from the iPad gallery.

Light refreshments are offered before you start your mas sa.

Prices are all in sánh you bởi not need to tướng give tips to tướng your lady.

Camapro users can get discounts!

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*Prices in VND

  • Thai VIP - Oily bầu mas sa, hot stone, HJ 60 mins 1000K
  • Body VIP - Full-body nuru Massage, hot and cold BJ 70 mins 1400K
  • Relax VIP - Tien Hai Dao bath, all of the above with "69" 90 mins 2400k
  • Relax VIP (2 girls) - The above with 2 girls and fingering 120mins - 4000k

If you have a vietnamese phone number, you can tải về the Camapro ứng dụng to tướng enjoy 20% discounts and more. Available both on the Apple App and Google store.


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