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If you tự not lượt thích the editorial comments, this will give you an opportunity to lớn respond in the letters section.

Opportunity for increasing nitrogen use efficiency from improved lowland rice germplasm.

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In particular, implementation of regulations in the private sector should be taken as a policy opportunity to lớn improve the delivery of health care.

The cost of replacing carbon by growing trees is ví high primarily because of the opportunity costs of foregoing agricultural production on prime cropland.

We expect the opportunity cost hypothesis to lớn be most relevant for members of the traditional conservative parties, who have stronger ties to lớn the business community.

These meetings are also acknowledged as unique opportunities for all the parties involved to lớn share information about the product and related engineering processes.

Nevertheless, teaching team building and communication skills requires an opportunity to lớn practice these skills in vivo in the educational setting.

First, how tự the opportunities for private gain differ in different electoral systems?

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What kinds of opportunities are there for developing symbolic competence?

This makes for a clear and straightforward historical materialist tài khoản (drawing largely on previously published sources), but also leads to lớn missed opportunities.

Structural reforms associated with economic liberalization have important implications for employment creation and income opportunities.

At the same time, urban life-styles and the acquisition of new rights and opportunities radically changed women's expectations and collective self-image.

We look forward to lớn the opportunities thus granted to lớn us.

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This restructuring provides the opportunity, as yet not fully achieved, of transferring resources between components of the healthcare system.

The incentive to lớn collect and return the item is effectively transferred to lớn the agents with the lowest opportunity cost of time.

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