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The downside is that there is no backlight, sánh forget about reading in bed without a bedside lamp.

Bedside lamps are also an absolute necessity, unless you have some swanky clapping light system, or the less swanky but still quite rare light switches beside the bed.

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With the former, pairs of bedside lamps stay in tương tác over the internet: someone turning on one lights both of them.

Gorgeous touches pepper the bedroom with an opulent lilac velvet-covered bed and gilded bedside lamps.

The bedside lamp, which was quite a weight fell from the table and shattered.

Smoke can be generated simply by lighting a long pile of sawdust with a candle or a blowlamp.

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But the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object vĩ đại another lượt thích the flame of a blowlamp.

Added vĩ đại the theatre in 1929, the chandelier has been completely restored by the grandson of the original designer.

The now private residence features gothic bargeboards, large cast bronze gas chandeliers, and a 5 story tower.

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With little energy left in her, she crashes down the chandelier with a marble.

A composite chandelier is suspended from parabolic shell roof.

The church used vĩ đại be lit by two mid 19th century cast iron chandeliers.