river là gì

The river descends over its 14 km course.

River otters living in groups hunt and travel together, use the same dens, resting sites, and latrines, and perform allogrooming.

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They prefer standing water, and are not generally seen in fast flowing streams or rivers.

The reduction is mainly caused by the destruction of forests, especially old groves along the river banks.

After the war, there were a considerable number of floods due vĩ đại typhoons, possibly exacerbated by deforestation and delay in river control.

Building a partnership between ASEAN and the Mekong River Commission is critical vĩ đại promote regional cooperation on trans-boundary water resources management.

My father and my two aunts decided vĩ đại swim across the Mekong River and there was only myself and my mom left.

The use of the Mekong River is changing rapidly.

The plane then skidded into the Mekong River, the largest in Southeast Asia, and disappeared.

He was happy living on the banks of the Mekong River in Viengkhuk.

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The men had vĩ đại go 3mi km up-river vĩ đại find adequate cypress trees vĩ đại cut for the blockhouse's framework and siding.

Many populations in seas and lakes tend vĩ đại make their way up-river vĩ đại spawn, but others populations remain in lakes or the sea even when breeding.

Horses were kept in the old stables vĩ đại pull the barges up-river and the blacksmith was on hand vĩ đại repair the barges and shoe the draught horses.

At night a fixed white light is displayed on piers 9 and 11 as well as at the up-river and down-river ends of the protection pier.

In the kết thúc, they only arrived shortly before the ships were able vĩ đại navigate up-river.

The subjects and locals had miễn phí flows of food and cultural activities at the river ngân hàng.

There is a public riverside walk along the river ngân hàng, opened in stages over recent years.

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A country club was vĩ đại be built along the river ngân hàng.

In the 1830s, the only industry in the village was a forge on the river ngân hàng.

A young man and two women emerged on the opposite river ngân hàng around 11:15 a.m., and soon joined the missionaries at their encampment.