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The simplest explanation for the association is that these bones belonged to tướng parts of deer carcasses deposited with the burial as grave goods.

The production of the larvae in faeces of infected deer is expressed as the number of larvae per gram of faeces (lpg).

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On each sampling day, the herbage height was estimated visually and the distribution and behaviour of deer recorded.

Tapir tracks were second only to tướng red brocket deer in terms of terrestrial mammal track densities.

Ants and ant parts were found in the stomachs of deer mice at the fox pen site (12.1%) and the campground site (11.2%).

There was no detectable difference in the percentage of deer mice that ingested ants at the fox pen site and campground site.

Landscape structure influences continental distribution of hantavirus in deer mice.

This was because a previous year's experiment, sited on the third block, was abandoned having being completely grazed by deer at the seedling stage.

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Extracting nematodes from lungs or muscle of the deer could not be undertaken.

He found them to tướng be "very" rich in gold, cốt tông, maize and beans, fruits, peccary and deer meat, as well as riverine fish.

Overall the first section is mainly pastoral in character, full of sunlight greenery with many finely observed musical descriptions of both landscape and deer.

Within an unknown time period, deer mice develop metacestode infections and eventually are preyed upon by foxes, the definitive host.

Here, water is thought to tướng have poured from the mouths of bronze deer positioned in recesses around the fonts.

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The deer were divided in two groups depending on the climatic characteristics of the sites (fig. 1).

All infected deer were captured in mid and late-winter when the prevalence of infection reached 50% (table 1).

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